Autoclave | MOCOM Millenium B2

Supplied by: EBOS Healthcare

Product Code: STSMLB2

Millennium B, with its 22 litres load capacity, comes equipped with a patented instant steam generator which gives high quality saturated steam. The hydraulic circuit, in combination with the vacuum pump, allows extremely short fast cycles and remarkable water saving.

More, faster cycles

Thanks to the steam generator and the top-performance dual headed vacuum pump, type B cycles for hollow and porous products can be completed within less than 30 minutes.

Mocom autoclaves can perform 11 different cycles all without down-time between cycles, saving a considerable amount of time and energy. The number of vacuum pulses and the duration of the drying phase vary according to the material to be sterilised.

Moreover, on completion of the cycle, the autoclave goes into stand-by mode - automatic shutdown function also available.

Automatic water filling and draining function

Thanks to the auxiliary water pump and the optional demineralization system, the autoclave can control the water filling and draining function automatically.

Process Evaluation System

The advanced self -evaluation system of the sterilisation process (referred to as ‘Process Evaluation System’ according to EN 13060) ensures accurate cross control of key parameters (temperature, pressure and time) and immediate indication of any failures during the sterilisation cycle.


Programmed maintenance

The self-test system will indicate if any servicing (e.g.: replacing the filter) is needed. Thus, you will be able to work under the safest conditions, confident in your efficient and controlled autoclave.


Record your cycles

Mocom autoclaves enable you to choose the cycle data recording method which best suits your dental practice. The data can be printed on paper or saved in electronic format onto a USB pen drive.
The USB port and the included pen drive are the most convenient, safe and modern system to transfer and consequently store data onto your PC.

Our guarantee, your safety

The high quality of the materials used and validated production standards allow Mocom to guarantee your autoclave for 2500 cycles or 24 months.



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