Fed: Pot plants can prevent dry eyes - optometrists say

Turning your office into a green zone could help prevent eye problems over summer, optometrists say.

Dry eyes affect most Australians as they age, and are especially problematic for women over 60.

Offices with air-conditioning can dehydrate eyes, but Perth optometrists Jean-Pierre Guillon and Andrew Godfrey said workers can do a number of things to prevent painful dry eyes.

Drinking water, using eye drops and eating coloured vegetables and food containing omega fatty acids can help combat the effects.

But their most unusual recommendation is placing a pot plant on the desk.

"Having green plants in those air-conditioned offices will help," said Dr Guillon, president of the WA division of Optometrists Association Australia.

"They help hydrate the space, (which) mean there's less evaporation of moisture from the office."

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