Bed Accessory Extension Clamp-on 150mm

Supplier: Jomor Healthcare

Specifications of Bed Accessory Extension Clamp-on 150mm

Part ID: ACC303 SI 150

Clamp on bed extension
150mm (6") long
920mm wide (suits single size bed)
Clamps onto 31.8 x 50.8mm bed rail
Includes foot panel sockets in end rail
Needs BOL variants to suit (fill-in bolster cushion)
Powdercoat: White Birch

Options Available

300mm long (standard)
ACC313 - 150mm long
ACC304 - 150mm long **only model which suits VEN beds**
ACC303 QBC - Clamp on bed extension to suit QBC bed, 850mm wide, 300mm long

Sizes Available

There are no other sizes for this product

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