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Bed Screen Track | Mactrac Pro Plus | SC3

Supplier: Emery Industries

Bed screen tracks shall be Mactrac Pro Plus (SC3) 38mm x 20mm bed screen track system, complete with the necessary fittings and components, fixed in strict accordance with the manufacturer's printed instructions, by approved installers.


The complete system shall have a (colour) powdercoat / (colour) anodised finish. All holes and cavities shall be vermin proofed after installation. The glides shall be Mactrac (name) installed to every 100mm of track length in addition to hooks at fixed ends. The Mactrac Pro Plus (SC3) bed screen track system features a premium quality heavy duty (38mm x 20mm) aluminium track profile.

 Mactrac Pro Plus is used predominantly for hospital bed screens, doctors’ surgeries, rest homes, showers, changing rooms and other such areas. Compatible with the Mactrac Ezi-Slide moveable track system and Mactrac IV track system, it can be fitted with Mactrac curtain changing cassettes to provide a system of fully integrated tracks.

The versatile Mactrac Pro Plus system can be supplied fabricated to suit various layouts and situations. Track bends can be supplied prefabricated or manufactured on site, depending on the complexity of the installation.

Custom made components are available where required. Standard finishes are satin silver anodised and white powder coated. Special colours are available on request.

The following information is required for quotation or supply purposes:

  • Type of fixing (eg suspended or ceiling fixed)
  • Fixing substrate (anchored to concrete soffit, plasterboard ceiling, ceiling grid, suspended ceiling grid etc)
  • Plans of installation, reflected ceiling plans, track layouts and scale plans or site measurements – or copies of quantity schedules (Allowances must be made for mechanical services, sprinklers, light fittings and ventilation)
  • Fixing span
  • Height above floor
  • Track finish eg white powder coat, satin silver anodised
  • Track measurements Bend details eg location and extent of bend in degrees, radius
  • Number and size of Mactrac curtain changing cassettes if required
  • Moveable track – how far this is to move

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