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Birthing Bed - Hill-Rom Affinity 4

Supplier: Hill-Rom Australia

Hill-Rom Affinity 4 Birthing Bed is the revolutionary birthing bed designed for ease and safety.


Key Features:

Ease of use 

  • No-lift, Stow and GoTM foot section
  • Battery back-up
  • Zero transfer gap
  • Easy to use gas-assist Trend mechanism
  • OneStep siderail release

Safety for patients and caregivers

  • Foot section easily slides back into place
  • Stronger EasyGlide calf supports
  • Four dual-locking casters to keep the bed securely in place
  • Hill-Rom Tempur-Pedic mattress for comfort and pressure redistribution
  • Nano Ag+TM silver technology option for surfaces
  • Comfortline mattress with pressure reducing foam
  • Automatic pelvic tilt to reduce patient migration
  • Clean perimeter around the bed with no protruding pieces
  • Optional ergonomically designed lift-off section

Safety and convenience

  • We have designed every detail of the Affinity 4 birthing bed to help make the birthing experience safer for you and your patient.
  • The foot section locks firmly and easily in position.
  • EasyGlide calf supports swing into the correct position and lock with a single lever, staying firmly in place.
  • Trend mechanism, with improved springs and seals, makes lowering and lifting an easy, one-person job.
  • Inflatable air pillows in back and seat decrease the need to reposition the patient for delivery.
  • Four dual-lock casters keep the bed in place.
  • Mattress options for pressure redistribution and superior comfort, especially on the vulnerable seat area – Hill-Rom
  • Tempur-Pedic mattress and Comfortline® foam mattress.
  • Automatic pelvic tilt and optional v-cut mattress provide better access to patient for birth

Less time, Less hassle.

  • In labor and delivery, staff time is at a premium.
  • No one can spare even a few minutes to search for equipment, look for an outlet, or use complicated controls.
  • The Affinity 4 bed is designed to reduce the hassles you face every day.
  • The Stow and GoTM foot section slides and stores under the bed–no lifting required.
  • The foot section easily slides back into place without false latching or interference with linens.
  • With battery back-up, you can use all the bed’s features, including changing height and position, when you’re away from an outlet, reducing the time from “decision to incision” in critical situations.
  • The gas-assist Trend mechanism allows head elevation to immediately lower to 8 degrees.
  • OneStep side rail release provides zero transfer gap for safer and easier patient transfers.
  • The bed’s streamlined design, with all the equipment stored completely within the perimeter
    (instead of protruding out), protects you as you move quickly around your patient.