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Danger in tight spaces: 4 ways your practice may be at risk

Supplier: Optima Healthcare Group
05 March, 2014

If you have been feeling like the walls of your practice are closing in on you, it might be time to consider if your patients, your staff, and your profits are at risk.

Most of us understand the benefits of a growing practice, but if your practice has outgrown your space, you may be facing the narrow end of a doubled-edged sword.

While seeing more patients means more profit, adding patients to your practice also means adding more staff, adding more storage cabinets, adding more equipment, and increasing your supplies – leaving you with less space to perform your daily duties.

In fact, a cramped surgery or steri increases the risk of a misguided sharp connecting with skin and the threat of cross-contamination, not to mention the loss in profits you experience as the result of poor staff efficiency, staff traffic jams and restricted staff flow.

What is the best way to tell if your practice, staff, or profits are at risk?

Optima Healthcare Group, a specialist in aesthetic and efficient medical practice design and layout, says you should assess your space on a regular basis.

Are you in danger of a misguided sharp? Is there a risk of cross-contamination? Could your staff save you money by having a more efficient work space? Are your patients disappointed with your practice's lacklustre appearance?

If it seems as though you have less space than you truly need to practice safely while realising maximum profit, now is the right time to expand.