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Day Bed & Chair Sleeper

Supplier: Hill-Rom Australia

Comfortable, functional and durable, Hill-Rom's sleepers improve the hospital stay for visitors.


As a leading provider of hospital furniture, Hill-Rom’s sleeper offer features and benefits that are necessary in a hospital environment.

Day Bed Sleeper Chair

  • Accommodating Size – Maintains existing footprint within the patient room environment when converted into a twin sleeping surface.
  • Adjustable Positions –Easily and Intuitively converts into a twin sleeper with little effort. With no removable parts to store.
  • Personal Items Shelf – Optimal storage compartments within the arms or add an optimal tray table for eating.
  • Seat and Mattress Width – As a three-person sofa the day bed sleeper measures 80(w) x 34(D) x 34(H). As a Day Bed Sleeper measurements are 74(w) x 30(D) x 5(H)
  • Comfort – The operation of the Day Bed Sleeper allows it to be converted into a sleeper that is independent of the seating surface, both are equally comfortable.

 Sleeper Chair

  • Accommodating Size – Great as hospital room furniture or in waiting rooms, this hospital sleeper chair is small enough to fit almost anywhere, while providing versatility and comfort.
  • Adjustable Positions –This hospital chair adjusts from the standard position to a built-in ottoman position, and to a sleep position.
  • Personal Items Shelf – Provides a built-in shelf for holding personal items.
  • Front Locking Wheels – Front locking wheels help keep chair stationary.
  • Seat Width Options – Available in 32" and 35" seat capacity.

Sleeper Sofa

  • Accommodating Size – The perfect 55" sleeper sofa for any healthcare facility "family zone."
  • Adjustable Positions – Converts from visitor seating into a generous sleep surface in seconds.
  • Easy to Use – Unlike traditional sleeper sofas, this specially-designed hospital furniture Intuitively glides into the sleep position and back into the seating position with ease.