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Supplier: Optima Healthcare Group

DentalEz – the simple solution.


Performance plus

DentalEZ has designed and manufactured a chair range based on promoting total health and comfort for you, your assistants and most importantly your patients.

Anatomically correct comfort


The DentalEZ J/V Generation Chair places patients in the most anatomically correct position possible, helping to keep them at ease and completely comfortable during their procedure, while providing the operator with unrestricted movement and total control anywhere around the chair.


The DentalEZ solution


DentalEZ can meet all of your operatory needs with products that provide ergonomic, performance and efficiency advantages.


J/V-Generation® Chair


DentalEZ combined the thin, narrow back and independent seat tilt of the famous “J-Chair” with the flexibility of the split-back V-Chair and added a new sleek modern look, anatomically correct hip pivot point and left/right flexibility to introduce the J/V-Generation Chair for the “NOW” generation.



The J-Chair allows total patient placement flexibility to create the most comfortable working position for the patient and dental team. The J-Chair back, seat and base positions adjust independently. This feature allows precise placement of the patient; therefore eye, back and neck strain are virtually eliminated, even after long procedures.


Simplicity TM


Simplicity by DentalEZ is an outstanding chair package that gives you a number of high-quality options. You no longer have to sacrifice craftsmanship for economics. Simplicity by DentalEZ offers the best of both worlds. 

Simplicity features a quiet and smooth hydraulic system for superior stability and smooth, quiet operation. The four operator- programmable positions increase efficiency by reducing the time needed for chair adjustment.


Generation TM Stools


Working ergonomically and efficiently requires an integrated approach to equipment selection. Choosing the right operator and assistant stools can help put you in the correct position for maximum efficiency and comfort and reduce physical strain. DentalEZ Generation stools are ergonomically engineered to enable users to position themselves correctly for virtually any procedure, while minimizing stresses or strains related to dental practice.