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Dental Fitout | MC Dental | Optima Healthcare Group

Supplier: Optima Healthcare Group
10 July, 2012

"Personally, it was the best fit-out experience I’ve ever had."

Perfect Balance

For months, Dr Sisi Zhu had been incubating grand visions for a new surgery to be located in one of Melbourne’s hottest retail hubs, namely Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. Impressed by the way Dentec refurbished one of her surgical rooms early 2009, Sisi approached us for her latest project. Having decided to relocate her four-year-old practice, Melbourne Central Dental, from co-occupying a unit with a medical outfit, to her own space within the downtown shopping precinct, Sisi had in mind to create a surgery that was, in her terminology, “a masterpiece”.


The simplistic, Solid Stone L-shaped reception counter gives the front desk area its most arresting centrepiece, exuding a stately yet not too imposing presence. The brightly lit room, pristine white walls and grey carpeting accentuate the clean and corporate design that Sisi favours, in going for that “hospital look and feel”.

Open Plan

At first glance, the open-plan concept and corporate colour theme conforms exactly to how Sisi had imagined it. The four chair surgery houses a spacious front desk and waiting area, consultation offices, sterilisation room, patient refreshing area, staff room and WC for disability access.

Efficient and Professional

While the clean and open space suggests a neat and highly efficient work environment, understated furnishings project a professional image.

Patient Refresh

While tasteful ergonomic features are evident throughout the work-oriented environment, there are hints of relaxation both in the patient refresh area and staff lounge. The Patient refresh area was included to further promote patient comfort and a welcoming atmosphere.

Surgery Style

Clever optimisation of space and ample storage cabinets extends the clutter-free environment into the surgery rooms. The grey-and-white colour palette is repeated here, not least to create a consistent look throughout