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MELAG.. Evidence Based Sterilisation


MELAG concentration

There are over 100 manufacturers of sterilizers world-wide for use in medical and dental practices. But MELAG is the only producer on the international scene who concentrates exclusively on one single product line alone: sterilizers.


Quality and precision


More than fifty years ago, MELAG began in Berlin to specialize in the manufacture of sterilization equipment. Verification of its success has been the sale of more than 355,000 units. Decades of experience, modern computer controlled production technology in MELAG’s own plant in Berlin, the application of high grade materials and an experienced workforce make MELAG devices easy to use quality products.

The MELAG philosophy includes the systematic concentration on one restricted production program. With its highly specialized development team, MELAG is able to retain and further develop its market-driven product line on an internationally leading technical level.

Speed – Comfort - Design



For the MELAG autoclaves of the Premium-Class, the total time for sterilizing 5 kg of wrapped instruments in the universal program is approx. 20 minutes (including drying). This means up to 50% time saving compared to the majority of other "Class B" autoclaves! Instruments required at short notice can be sterilized in only 10 minutes (including drying) with repeated pre-vacuum. This time saving also means saving money, because shorter operation time means more rapid turn-around times and therefore fewer expensive instruments in the practice.



The operation of the MELAG autoclaves is very simple and is carried out "intuitively". All information for operating a sterilization program is presented in detail on the very large graphic display (12cm width x 9cm height) of the autoclaves. Likewise the operating manual of the device is saved in the modern electronics so that instructions for the operation of the autoclaves can be requested at any time at the display. This avoids operating errors.



The frequently-praised design contributes to the positive attitude when working with the autoclaves to sterilize instruments, and the electrical door lock facilitates the workflow and ensures a reliable closing of the door. The maintenance, processing and sterilization of instruments with the Premium-Class is so simple that the task becomes a pleasure.



Premium ‘B’ Class

These autoclaves feature time and cost saving advantages and are efficient and operator friendly. The design of these units encourages a positive attitude on the part of the operator, promotes ease of use and visual attractiveness. The Vacuquick has a small footprint and compact size and can handle full practice load with super speed.


Pro ‘B’ Class

The Vacuklav promotes simple and easy to use operation with secure sterilization. This is a machine controlled by innovative microprocessor control fit for the future. The Vacuklav is equipped with a fractionated post vacuum for effective drying as a prerequisite for long-term storage of wrapped sterilized materials. Sensors and the innovative microprocessor control regulate and monitor the parameters pressure and temperature which is necessary for a secure sterilization. 


Cliniklav 25

The Cliniklav was specially developed for surgeons, specialists, shared surgeries, outpatient clinics and special wards in hospitals. The energy and water consumed are significantly lower and the speed enhanced compared to larger sterilizers. This is the ultimate “small” large sterilizer. Cliniklav 25 is sufficiently productive to ensure smooth clinic procedure.


Euroklav ‘S’ Class


With the Euroklav - autoclaves, MELAG offers an even more cost-effective alternative to the Vacuklav - series. The Euroklav - autoclaves fulfil the strict stipulations of the “Class S” and are designed for applications in doctors‘ practices in which the instruments used and the types of instrument wrapping do not require “Class B” autoclaves. The Euroklav 29 VS+ has an effective vacuum pump which creates a vacuum at the beginning of the sterilization process in order to assist the air evacuation from the chamber and to create a post-vacuum for optimal drying results especially for wrapped goods.


MELAseal 100


Sterilization in an autoclave is the safest way for prevention of infections. After sterilization, however, care must be taken that instruments are not contaminated again. The MELAseal 100+ Package Sealing Device can effectively seal sterilized instruments so that they are stored while being safely protected against contamination. Without great physical effort the MELAseal produces optimal sealing seams 10 mm wide, with precise sealing pressure. The german standard DIN 58953 specifies sealing seams at least 8 mm wide. A working table is integrated in the housing of the device.