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Dental X-Ray | Rotograph Evo

Supplier: Optima Healthcare Group

Optima Healthcare Group supplies a range of radiography and imaging devices including the Rotograph Evo Dental X-Ray. Rotograph Evo takes the experience of five decades of dedication to X-ray diagnostic imaging to the next level.


Diagnostic accuracy

You can rely on over 25.000 manufactured panoramic units that have been successfully operating worldwide for years, from the smallest dental practice to the largest university hospital. And the Villa experience extends far beyond dental imaging.

From general purpose radiological rooms to direct digital real time angiographic X-ray systems, Villa products help saving patient lives in thousands of hospitals worldwide.

  • Not only high frequency: we give you high efficiency, too The 200kHz High Frequency generator provides accurate and efficient X-ray emission and produces excellent images with lower tube current than previous generation products. Detail-rich images can be obtained with minimum patient dose and reduced energy consumption.
  • Spine compensation - Shadows produced by the spinal column are reduced by an effective modulation of the kV value during the rotation of the overhead assembly. The result is a more uniform image in the incisors area.
  • Constant Magnification - Panoramic images are acquired with constant magnification, translating into an accurate geometrical representation of anatomic structures.
  • Short exam time - You know how important it is to avoid image blur caused by patient movement. The exposure time for panoramic exam can be as short as 13 seconds to reduce the effects of patient movement. When your diagnostic target is limited within the dentition area, the examination time can be further reduced to just 11 seconds with the additional benefit of a substantial dose reduction to the patient.
  • Automatic collimator
    The correct collimator is automatically set for each exam, without any manual intervention from the operator.
  • Multi-motor technology
    Based on a multi motor technology, Rotograph Evo has all the examination programs you need and easily adapts to the individual characteristics of each patient.
  • Precise movements
    The motorized telescopic adjustment of the column has sufficient range to accommodate all kind of patients, including small children and wheelchair bound patients. Progressive speed allows gentle adjustments when the patient is in position

The key to a good panoramic image

  • Accurate alignment - A good patient alignment to the reference axis is the most important factor for a good panoramic image. Two laser beams are used for proper centering of mid-sagittal and Frankfurt planes, without the need for a third positioning light
  • Anatomic programs
    Exposure factors and movement geometry can easily be adapted to the individual characteristics of each patient by selecting between adult and child programs and three patient sizes. The result is an optimal compromise between X-ray dose and image quality.
  • Self-centering
    As the patient can see him/herself reflected in the mirror, he/she automatically tends to selfcentre the mid-sagittal plane, resulting in faster positioning.
  • Stable positioning
    The patient support structure makes use of multiple contact points to ensure correct patient alignment and stability during the exam.
    • Three-point headrest provides centering of mid-sagittal and Frankfurt planes
    • Chin rest and bite stick provide stability and proper localization of the focal layer
    • Angulated hand grips provide for a natural extension of the cervical vertebræ to reduce image shadows in the incisor area.
  • Child friendly Chin rests
    Three different chin rests are supplied with the unit to accommodate all patients and applications.
    • Standard chin rest with bite: provides stable chin support and accurate location of the incisors in the focal layer
    • Edentulous chin rest: provides a reference position for the patient chin when use of bite is not possible.
    • Reduced chin rest: for Sinus. Dedicated paediatric exams ensure consistent dose reduction and reduced exam time. The analog version is also equipped with a specific collimator, limiting the X-ray beam to further reduce dose to patient. Color combination and rounded shapes of the unit help in creating a comfortable and stress free environment for the patient, thereby contributing to successful exams.

The Power of Digital

  • Environment and budget friendly  - Say goodbye to films and polluting chemicals and contribute to the preservation of both the environment and your budget. Images can be displayed and shown to the patient in seconds and become an important tool to show treatment planning and progress. If needed, printouts can easily be produced using inexpensive inkjet printers.
  • Less dose to patient
    The high sensitivity of the Cs-I digital detector makes for a reduced X-ray dose and in case of wrong exposure settings, the digital image allows to extract useful information without retakes. Rotograph Evo D is already compliant to existing regulations on patient dose monitoring. The dose readout is calculated for each exposure and stored with the image without the need for add-on DAP measuring devices.
  • Even more tools
    The Dental Studio software package (option) brings additional possibilities to image treatment. The 16-bit image processing engine allows a more precise control of image contrast. Patient archive and image database are extremely powerful and can be integrated with practice management software.
    DICOM functionalities (option) can also be added for integration into hospital networks.
  • Simple is beautiful - The integrated keyboard features large, easy to find pushbuttons and a clear display. Controls are grouped in logical areas consistent with the typical operating workflow: patient selection, exam protocol, exposure adjustments. A virtual version of the keyboard can also be displayed on the PC screen and allows the operator to preset exposure parameters from within the image acquisition program.
  • Instant network integration
    Rotograph Evo is easily deployed into your network environment. The integrated Ethernet connection is compatible with existing computer networks and requires no dedicated boards to be installed in the computer, making it possible to acquire images from any PC, including notebooks. With integrated networking capability, images can be acquired and transferred from any workstation in your practice.

Cephalometric Imaging

  • Precise geometry
    The digital ceph imaging principle of Rotograph Evo combines the scanning movement of the detector with the stationary position of the X-ray source. This method provides the same projection geometry as with a regular film, allowing precise orthodontic analysis. Single or Dual Detector: it's your choice What are your requirement for ceph exams? If you’re doing just a few studies per week, or are bound to a limited budget, the single detector unit is your choice. The same digital detector can be moved from the Pan to the Ceph position with a quick and simple operation. If orthodontics is your field of expertise, or you just want to avoid handling the detector, than a dual detector unit is what you need. Depending on the exam type and patient size, several image areas can be chosen, from 18x22 to 22x30cm.
  • Two scanning modes can be selected:
    • high resolution mode delivers highly detailed images
    • high speed mode acquires a standard lateral ceph in just 4.5 seconds, and is especially suitable for children
  • No unnecessary exposure
    During the digital ceph scan, each portion of the skull is exposed for just fractions of a second by a perfectly collimated x-ray beam, limiting the overall patient exposure to a minimum. This is particularly beneficial for children and teenagers, who are often subject to ceph exams.
  • Optimized protocols
    A total of eight digital cephalometric programs gives you the flexibility you need for all patients, with the best combination of image area, acquisition speed and resolution. The cephalostat provides simple and gentle patient alignment for all projections, including lateral, frontal and postero-anterior.

Analog version

  • Highly compatible - The analog version of Rotograph Evo accepts all standard 15x30cm flat cassettes. If your practice is equipped with CR phosphor plates not compatible with 15x30 format, you can request a specific cassette holder for using 24x30cm cassettes for panoramic images. Your investment is always protected.
  • Open to digital
    Rotograph Evo lets you decide how and when to move to digital. Digital upgrades are available for transforming your Rotograph Evo into a fully digital unit.