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Dentec | Dental Equipment Maintenance Services

Supplier: Optima Healthcare Group

The Dentec service team consists of industry trained technicians, including licensed electricians, electronics technicians, pneumatic technicians, licensed plumbers and licensed X-ray service persons.


We believe strongly in the equipment we sell and this is proven through our comprehensive after sales service across our entire product range.

Scheduled service and maintenance plans:

Preventative maintenance is essential to keep all clinical equipment in top working condition.This involves;

  • checks and inspections at regular intervals
  • lubrication of moving parts
  • adjustments and/or calibrations
  • replacement of worn parts

Regular servicing avoids costly downtime. Annual servicing of all equipment is recommended, however for equipment that experiences high usage, Dentec recommends servicing every six months.

Most equipment manufacturers have a recommended maintenance schedule for their product. Dentec highly recommends adhering to this schedule for PM service and general repair work.

Dentec can work together with clients to create a suitable maintenance schedule to ensure your equipment is routinely checked and maintained in top condition. Such plans can be installed to give you complete peace
of mind.

Breakdowns and emergencies

With highly qualified technicians and professional service management, solving unexpected problems is our specialty. We always place emergencies ahead of routine service appointments.

Workshop repairs

Dentec is proud to offer workshop repairs for your equipment where on-site service and repair is not deemed possible or efficient. We have the expertise, workshop and a well-stocked genuine parts store. We conduct major
overhauls of equipment with ease and efficiency.

Handpiece repair department

We understand that your equipment is vital for running your practice. To ensure your equipment is repaired and returned to you with minimal delay, we have a permanent team of skilled technicians in our handpiece repair department.

On receipt of your handpieces, Dentec’s trained technicians will attend to them within 24 hours. If it is your request, they will contact you with a quote for repair and advise on what action is deemed necessary. In normal circumstances, we will endeavor to have your handpiece back to you within five working days.

Service and validation of sterilisers

Our trained and qualified service technicians specialise in the service and validation of sterilisers. Dentec conducts onsite and workshop services on sterilisers, providing validation and performance qualification reports on completion.