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Economics of ergonomics: prevent your patient list from shrinking

Supplier: Optima Healthcare Group
06 May, 2014

Are you worried that your competition is going to sweep your clients away?

It may be time to take a look at your equipment, and how it limits the types of services and solutions you can provide.

Every year, new innovations raise the bar on what your clients expect when they walk into your office. And it's no wonder, considering how long your clients spend in your office during their visit.

So Optima Healthcare Group, a specialist in healthcare spaces, has compiled the 'top 4 most overlooked areas' you need to consider to prevent client list shrinkage before it begins.

1. Ergonomic Comfort of Your Clients

Are your clients comfortable in your chair? On average, your client will spend hours in your chair each year.

New advances in chair technology allow clients to experience the ergonomic comfort that eliminates cramping and the need to adjust while you are performing longer services, while allowing your staff to keep every tool they need close at hand, saving you on the additional labour cost waste that occurs when they must run from room to room.

2. Appearance of Your Tools

Is your overhead light looking dingy, your hand-held equipment looking a little worn?

Clients notice, as would you, and like them you might question if the equipment was delivering the best quality service, or if it was an indication of an unsterile environment.

Quite a bit has changed in the past few years which means that you can now purchase hand-held tools that last longer in both functionality and appearance, and even lights that look aesthetically pleasing and deliver you the illumination you need without blinding your clients.

3. Cutting-Edge Capabilities of Your Equipment

If you have seen advertisements for new dental services then you probably already know that advances in state-of-the-art medical technology allows you to perform a wealth of highly desirable (and highly priced) services right in your office.

And you might be surprised at just how affordable these cutting-edge tools have become, rapidly decreasing the amount of time it takes you to recoup your investment while enticing your clients with the services they are seeking. Services they'll inevitably pay for somewhere else if you fail to provide them with an easy opportunity to buy.

4. How Long It Takes Behind the Scenes

Clients no longer just want you to speed up your band end processes, they expect it. If your staff is using outdated equipment for sterilisation, or you are still running about the office with film in hand, you might consider upgrading to new technology.

Technology that allows your patients to spend less time worrying while they wait, reduce your chance of staff error, and transform how your clients perceive your practice.