Ergonomic Chair | HÅG H03 - The Flexible Chair

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

HÅG H03 is ideal for a wide variety of applications and its simple lines suit all modern working environments.

HÅG H03 is a flexiable chair that suits everyone.

It can be adjusted easily to find that perfect seitting that fits any working environment. 

The HÅG H03 design team wanted to make a chir that could fit into practically any office landscape and the H03 was the outcome of this idea.

With its simple, harmonious lines, HÅG H03 requires few components and like all of HÅG's products was created using a high proportion of recycled plasic.

In addition the seat and back of the HÅG H03 are made from recycled bumper bars and plastic packaging from household rubbish.

HÅG describes the H03 as their most environmentally-friendly soultion.

It's mechanism, which is inspired by the simple rocking-chair principal, this mechanism ensured constant motion and movement. 

This rocking chair principal keeps the user in constant movement and balance. 

The HÅG H03 is very simple and easy to adjust by just a simple movement with your arms, allows you to adjust several features at once.

This flexible and user friendly chair is a huge favourite among educational institutes due to how user friendly the HÅG H03 is.

Like all other HÅG products the HÅG H03 can be instantly adjusted to suit any user or workplace.

Easily adjust the seat depth, back height, tilt tention, seat height or armrests to help you find the perfect sitting position for you.

HÅG strives to make each and every product as environmentally friendly as prossible and with the HÅG H03 this goal was clearly achieved.


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