Ergonomic Chair | HÅG Sideways – Join the revolution!

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

The HÅG Sideways chair is the new revolution in seating and takes the modern meeting to new levels.

HÅG Sideways brings Scandinavian furniture design another step forward while sitting down.

This revolutionary meeting chair is comfortable no matter which way you twist or turn.

The Sideways was designed by some of HÅG top designers with a comfortable and stylish meeting chair in mind.

The seat of the HÅG Sideways has been designed for maximum seating comfort and provides excellent freedom of movement.

The armrest curls around the back of the chair like an embrace whilst still providing comfort and rest.

HÅG Sideways was designed to bounce back to its origional position after you get up so that it's always ready for the next user.

The Sideways has the ability to stack up to 10 chairs high and it has a balanced tilt which ensures movement and variation.

HÅG's philosophy of providing the working person with variation and movement fits in perfectly with HÅG Sideways, an ergonomic business chair.


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