Filing System | Moll Lockfile Base 80

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

The Base 93 is the functional and easy way of storing your folders, measuring only 90x90cm its will fit perfectly in your stylish open plan office.

The Moll Lockfile systems are very space efficient, allowing you to gain up to 70% more space than you would with normal shelving. The lockfile systems are the practical and versitile option for any environment. Each level is able to be rotated individually, allowing it to be placed against a wall or in a corner. The lockfile systems range from 2 levels up to 6 levels, depending on how many files you need to store.

The Lockfile Base 80 can hold up to 24 binders per level and each level can be individually rotated. It can hold up to 144 binders when it is 6 levels high, or just 48 when it is 2 levels. The lockfile Base 80 has lateral roller shutters which are also lockable for extra security. With a diameter of just 80cm this makes it very versitile and functional.

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