Filing Systems | Compactfile SQ Moll Rotafile

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

From the small mobile brochure stand to the large rotating bookshelf, everything is available at DALseating.

The Moll Compactfile filing systems are very space efficient, practical and will fit most office environments.

It is a single rotating column, which means you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for. It is available on castors which means you can move it around or keep it in one place which is easily accessable.

The Compactfile SQ can be expanded to as many as 6 levels. Each level can hold up to 16 binders, which means it can hold up to 96 binders when it is 6 levels high.

Additional accessories are available which include:

  • Base cover (to hide the feet);
  • Castors;
  • Data Boxes (available in 6 different colouors);
  • Magnetic board which go on the sides of the levels. They are available in 6 different colours and only available for the Compactfile SQ.

For more information contact us: | 03 9775 1622 |

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