HÅG Futu - The Work Chair with Intelligence

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

HÅG Futu is a breath of fresh air in the office using HÅG's new inBalance technology and a streamlined exterior fit for any workplace

HÅG Futu  was designed in order for the chair to craet harmony with it's every surroundings.

A simple, easy to use and suited to large and small office landscapes, HÅG Futu is the chair for every office and workplace.

The HÅG Futu got its name from "Future" as HÅG is always trying to minimise the amount of resources and envirotmentally harmful materials to create a better future for everyone. 

HÅG used just seven different material types when creating the Futu and with a 10 year warranty you can be sure that Futu is the best chair for your workplace.

With its clean, continuous lines HÅG Futu can be perceived more as a piece of furniture than a technical aid.

The Futu lacks long dominating levers and unnatractive dials that disturb the visual expression and replaces them with simple, smart buttons and knobs that dont take away any ellegance.

The Futu follows "Simple Surface. Complex core." philosophy.
HÅG Futu provides the same and much more than any other chair while the apperance stays simple and clean.

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