Hand Held Single Channel ECG Monitor | HCG-801 ECG

Supplier: Omron

The Omron HeartScan HCG-801 is a hand held single channel ECG device designed for situations where conventional ECG equipment is less suitable. portable, fast and discreet.

Ideal for keeping in a doctors bag, loaning to a patient for daily self-monitoring or for immediate rhythm assessment during an event, the HCG-801 is simple, compact.

HCG-801 ECG Features:

Compact  - Highly portable, fitting into a doctors bag, hand bag, brief case or large pocket with ease so it is always available when needed.

Hand-held (single Hand Operation) - Can be discreetly used under a shirt when in a public place.

Cordless - Simple Operation - There are no leads to connect to the patient, simply hold the device in teh right hand with the right index finger over the finger electrode and the chest electrode touching the chest (over the heart), and press 'START'.  For operation instructions visit HCG-801 ECG Quick Reference Card.

Quick Start Up - The HCG-801 takes only seconds to start up, meaning it is reading to record when an event is occuring

Records 30 second rhythm strip - The 30 second recording time is long enough to provide sufficient insight for basic interpretation of most rhythm related events

Automatic Rhythm interpretation - A basic rhythm interpretation is automatically produced at the completion of each recording

Large LCD Screen - The large LCD screen makes it possible to view the entire 30 second recording immediately after completion of the assessment.

SD Card Memory  - The SD card can store up to 300 ECG recordings.

Data Downloadable - The HCG-801 comes with software that enable the recordings to be downloaded onto a computer for storing, viewing, printing or emailing.

Standard AAA Batteries - The AAA batteries required for the HCG-801 can be purchased from any usual outlet.

Medicare Item Number Rebate  - The 11711 Medicare Item Number Rebate for 'Ambulatory ECG Monitoring' means that the HCG-801 ECG device can become a source of income for clinics.

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