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Home and Palliative Care - Uses for HiCare™ Bath

Supplier: Human Technologies (Aust) Pty Ltd
03 July, 2008

Bathing times and sponge bath costs are significantly reduced with HiCare™ Bath.

Areas of potential use for HiCare™ Bath:

  • Frail, bed bound clients of carers.
  • Those presenting as manual handling risks (when transporting to the shower) – including having skin tears etc.
  • Those suffering dementia/other cognitive impairment who physically and/or emotionally resist being showered.
  • Clients suffering hyperalgesia
  • Clients with other physical impairment who would be distressed going to the shower.
  • Those in need of palliative care.

Potential outcomes from the use of HiCare™ Bath (versus the sponge bath):

  • Improvements in client skin integrity (this may include reductions in skin tears, excoriation etc)
  • Wider acceptance to bathing from those suffering cognitive impairment or forms of physical disability, in particular where there is a predisposition to physical and/or emotional trauma to being showered or put in a lifter.
  • It also implies a considerable reduction in carer bathing time – these time savings (48-66% per bath) may permit the carer a new window of opportunity for other equally important high priority client care. (a greater level of care outcome can be achieved in the same time!)
  • Improvements in client bathing comfort and manual handling risks.

Human Technologies (Aust) Pty Ltd

Human Technologies (Aust) Pty Ltd

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Home and Palliative Care - Uses for HiCare™ Bath