Horizontal Desk Mount | Hoolin LA2-8 Series

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

The smart space saving way to hold your monitors. The LA2-8 series is a horizontal desk mount, that can hold up to 4 monitors.

The Hoolin horizontal monitor desk mounts come in many different lengths and styles making them perfect for almost any workplace environment.

The LA2-8 series

  • Horizontal desk mount type;
  • 12 ways aluminum profile;
  • Arm type: no arm, single arm, double arm;
  • 1-4 monitors;
  • 360° montior rotation;
  • 60° monitor tilting angle;
  • Available with both 75mm and 100mm VESA brackets;
  • Monitor weighing up to 10kgs;
  • Constructed of aluminum and steel.


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