Hospital Beds & Mattresses

Standard hospital beds consist of a single frame in three sections so the head, middle or foot end can be raised as required.

Hospital beds typically feature lockable wheels to enable the safe and easy movement of patients within a facility and protective side rails that can be raised or lowered when necessary.

A wide variety of bedding and mattresses is also available to cater to the needs of elderly people, people with disabilities and others who require specialised medical care, including floor beds, low profile beds, bariatric beds, high density foam mattresses and alternating pressure mattresses...Read More

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  • Static Pressure Mattress
    A multi-layered memory foam mattress of different densities provide a high level of care for the prevention of pressure sores up to level 1.
  • Premium 5" Alternating Pressure Overlay ...
    An integrated pressure monitoring air mattress overlay system that offers a combination of alternating and static features for low to medium risk patients.
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