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Intraoral X-Ray Unit | Endos DC

Supplier: Optima Healthcare Group

Optima Healthcare Group supplies a range of radiography and imaging devices including the Endos Intraoral X-Ray Unit.


In the new Endos DC intraoral x-ray unit, everything has been designed to maximize the operating efficiency and allow you to concentrate on diagnosis and treatment, rather than on the procedure to get the radiographic image.

DLC Technology

The DLC (Dual Low Current) technology sets the best exposure current (4 or 5 mA) according to the type of receptor to get the best image quality with both digital detectors, as well as classic films. The low current values have been
optimized to take advantage of the very high sensitivity of the digital detectors as well as the new fast films.

Optimized parameters

The DC generator operates at 65kV, which offers the best tradeoff between depth of the gray scale and contrast in small details. You can choose among four different types of receptors: standard or new high speed films, digital detectors and even a fully userprogrammable modality.

Thanks to preprogrammed anatomic techniques, the choice of the diagnostic target is easily achieved in two quick steps: choose the size of the patient among the three available and choose the dentition area to be examined: that’s all.

New arm

Even the finest details in the whole new aluminum arm have been carefully designed so that you will appreciate
for years the quality of Endos DC. The lightness of positioning perfectly goes along with stability, always with the goal of giving you the best effectiveness in everyday use.

Quality of details

The X-ray pushbutton has also been studied to give the best grip and ergonomics. The coiled cord (extensible to 3m) has been realized to keep its shape and withstand for years the high strains applied daily


All the materials in Endos DC have glossy finish and have been studied to be easily and quickly cleaned to protect the hygiene of your working environment, and to last for years to protect your investment.


To adapt to every installation condition, Endos DC can be configured with a remote keyboard that allows you to set all the system parameters outside the examination room.


30cm extension cone
This accessory extends the source to skin distance to 30cm to take images using the parallel technique. A command on the keyboard will automatically adjust the exposure times for the extended cone.
35x45mm collimator
The 35x45mm collimator can be used to limit the irradiated area, thus reducing the patient dose and minimizing the scattered radiation.