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Supplier: DAL BRANDS

The Booster desk is the all rounder, with its unique and practical details.

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The desk has 2 medium size drawers, the top one being lockable. It has compartment drawer at the top containing a secret box for all your goodies. It also has a flat pull out out paper drawer underneath the other drawers. It has a fold out pencil sharpener and sticky tape dispenser which easily fold back in again.

The desk has a height adjustable frame which means it can be the perfect sit-stand desk. The height ranges from 53-82cm and can hold up to 30kgs.

The desktop is adjustable up to 30° which means you can bring the document or work closer to your child rather than have your child bend over to see properly.

The desks also come with 2 boxes of coloured handles and caps so you can change your desk to suit your style.

All the desks come in a choice of 5 different colours: Walnut (darkest), Red Beech, Beech, Maple and White (lightest colour).

There are also 4 different leg options.

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