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Medical Gases and Equipment
BOC Ltd is a member of the Linde Group and Australia’s largest provider of Medical Gases. With two distinct customer groups, Institutions and Private Patients, BOC Ltd has a service tailored to each groups' needs. For the Institutions, ranging from large hospitals through to the local Doctors Surgery, BOC Ltd ensures that these customers have a sufficient and reliable supply of high grade ...
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Air Liquide Healthcare

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Healthcare and Medical Gases
Air Liquide Healthcare: protecting vulnerable lives All over the world, the Air Liquide Healthcare aims to provide customers in the continuum of care, from hospital to home with medical products, specialty ingredients and services that contribute to protecting vulnerable lives. Key figures • 1 million patients worldwide are cared for at home by our teams • 7,500 hospitals and clinics are ...
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Liquid Nitrogen Storage & Supply
We are Liquid Nitrogen specialists who provide service to: • Hospitals - Haematology - Immunology - Pathology • Scientific Labs - Freezing equipment and Dewars • Universities - Physics - Electron Microscope - Biology • Medical Centres - Warts - Sunspot removal • Podiatry - Removing of warts, etc. • Engineering - Shrink Fitting • Veterinary - Storage of animal semen - AI • Gas ...