Medirite Australia

Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Personal Protective Consumables

Medirite Australia is one of Australia's most dependable and trusted organisations for all of your healthcare, hygiene and industrial safety needs. We are committed to providing value for money with exceptional service delivery, time and time again. Our motto is simply to:


Put simply, our purpose as a company is to deliver a service that goes beyond. It is to be the best service delivery company in the country.

Given this, Medirite Australia maintains its custom manufacturing service for customers that need that special touch or custom work. Common work performed by our in-house manufacturing team include sewing on reflective tape for safety clothing, screen printing, embroidery, cutting and design of anti-static / cotton safety vests; and our ongoing government contract work of manufacturing body bags for NSW Area Health Services.

Our imported items also play a significant part of our business. Currently we import a range of hand protection including latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves, rigger gloves and the complete range of disposable personal protective products. Medirite also has the exclusive rights to distribute the Supermax and Feather Touch brand of gloves and PPE throughout Asia Pacific. These products are imported from Malaysia, India and China.

Our custom manufacturing, importing and working with local suppliers means that Medirite is positioned to be a leading player in the Australian Health and Safety market.