Multifile SQ | Moll Rotafile

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

Elegant storage furniture with indivually rotating height adjustable levels.

The Moll Multifile systems are the practical and versitile option for any office environment.

Each level is able to be individually rotated and is also height adjustable for different sizes documents/binders. The Multifile SQ is available with castors which means you can move it around the room or simply place it where it suits you.

The Multifile system can be extended from 2 levels, up to as many as 6 levels. Each level can hold up to 16 binders, which means it can hold 96 binders when it is 6 levels high.

Additional accessories are available which include:
- Base cover (to hide the feet)
- Castors (for mobility)
- Data boxes ( which come in a variety of 6 colours)
- Single additional level.

The Multifile SQ is also available in Graphite or Maple.

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