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Operating Lights | DentalEZ Everlight

Supplier: Dentec

Dental operatory lights made with 100% true LED technology, only from DentalEZ®. DentalEZ is the first in the U.S. to design an operating light with 100% true direct LED technology.


EverLight enables you to work with more precise, direct light without the need for reflectors or fans. Plus, it’s cool, quiet, and environmentally friendly.


LEDs present many advantages over traditional halogen lights including lower energy consumption and longer life, resulting in time and dollar savings and replacement of light bulbs. LEDs provide a cool, quiet focused lighting.

Position is everything

Proper lighting is only as good as its positioning. The optimal position of EverLight for a supine patient is directly above the patient’s mouth for mandibular and maxillary.

Whenever possible, the light should be in the patient’s mid-saggital plane directly above or slightly behind the patient’s oral cavity.

Precision Lighting

EverLight utilises the most robust and powerful LED available. 12 Philips Lumiled LEDs maximise the light emitting area resulting in a brighter, whiter, more efficient light. Constructed with die cast aluminium housing for durability.

The three axis adjustment design and the ability of the power supply to self adjust between 100 and 240 VAC/40W allows for maximum flexibility.


Touchpad Control: Easily accessible touch pads make lighting changes quick and effortless. 3 Kelvin Colour temperatures, 3 Lux intensity settings.
Focus: Focused light pattern provides proper colour corrective light for all procedures
Wall Mount: A heavy duty wall mount option is available.
Efficient LED: 12 Philips luminated LEDs maximize light output resulting in brighter, more efficient LED.
Chair Mount: Everlight is adaptable to any existing chair to upgrade to the advanced benefits of LED.
Ceiling Mount: The Everlight can be easily fixed to the ceiling for space-saving convenience.
Track Mount: Another brilliant mounting option, designed to give you ultimate positioning for each individual treatment.