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Pelican slings approved for most manufacturers' hoists

Supplier: Pelican Manufacturing By: Tom Bromberger
31 October, 2012

All slings made or sold in Australia should be made to the Australian Standard 3581 1988.

Pelican also do N.A.T.A. (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) weight testing to exceed the Australian Standard. All products made by Pelican Manufacturing are included in our Product

Liability insurance policy

Claims by any Hoist Manufacturer's representative, stating they would not be responsible if the Hoist's Manufacturer's Sling is not used on their hoist, may be very misleading, or possibly unlawful, implying a restrictive practice.

Ask for written confirmation and if this is provided, contact Pelican. Also ask if their slings can be used on other manufacturers' hoists.

The Hoist Manufacturer could be responsible if there is a fault with their hoist and likewise Pelican Manufacturing could be responsible if there is a manufacturing fault with the Sling.

There is no Australian government or T.G.A. ruling stating that only the hoist manufacturer's slings must be used on their hoist.

Pelican Manufacturing has been making and supplying slings throughout Australia to government and private hospitals, nursing homes and special care organisations for over twenty-five years.

Safety Warning: Before using, slings should be inspected for deterioration, including Keyhole Plates. If defective, withdraw from use. Pelican can inspect and repair any brand of sling to AS ISO 10635 - 2002. Hand or machine wash, 80°C max. Do not wring — air dry in shade or cool tumble dry.

Pelican Manufacturing

Pelican Manufacturing

Pelican slings approved for most manufacturers' hoists