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Pressure Care Therapy Surface - ClinActiv

Supplier: Hill-Rom Australia

The latest advanced technology Therapy surface replacement system from Hill-Rom to assist caregivers in their daily management of pressure care.


Features & Benefits:

Designed for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The ClinActiv Therapy surface has been designed to prevent and treat pressures ulcers for the medium to high risk patient.

Unique Vario  Advanced Pressure Control Technology

Unlike conventional dynamic Therapy surface systems, which can take up to 20 minutes for cushion pressures to adjust after patient movement, Hill-Rom’s unique, patented Vario  advanced pressure control technology adjusts pressures instantly for optimal pressure relief.

Any movement or change in patient position is immediately detected and the Vario pressure control reacts instantly to re-adjust cushion pressures.

Optimal pressure relief is continually provided to your patients regardless of their size, shape, weight or position to ensure the lowest optimum pressure is provided at all times regardless of the patients size, shape, weight or position.

Matching customer therapy preferences (Choose between two surfaces)

ClinActiv  Alternating Low Pressure System:

In this Therapy surface the middle section of the Therapy surface will alternate in a 1 in 2 cycle. Leaving the heel and head zones in the ultra low pressure mode.

ClinActiv  Continuous Low Pressure System:

In this Therapy surface the complete surface will stay in continuous low pressure, with all cushions being inflated, delivering optimal support.

Both Therapy surfaces feature :

  • Unique, fully automated Vario advanced pressure control technology.
  • Therapy surface design with 3 independent low pressure air zones.
  • Specially designed ultra low pressure heel zone.
  • Easy-to-use & to clean.
  • Rapid deflation valve for CPR
  • Enhanced security

Innovative Patient Egress Alarm

For the first time in a pressure relieving system, Hill-Rom has incorporated an innovative alert system. Just by activating this control, an alarm will inform you immediately of any undesired egress of the patient.

During the night shift or in a busy ward, this system will assist caregivers as well as enhance patient security.

P-Max: Instant Maximum Inflation

At the touch of a button, P-Max is instantly activated to provide a firm surface to assist caregivers in their daily activities and reduces the risks of moving and handling injuries associated with patient handling.

Ability To Lock The Control Unit On Demand

Activating the switch at the rear of the module locks out the ClinActiv Therapy Surface System control unit, preventing any unintentional pressure changes and ensuring continued delivery of the prescribed therapy.

24H Pressure Relief

The ClinActiv  system incorporates the optional ReFlex seat cushion that adjusts to each individual patient to ensure low interface pressures, whilst maintaining tissue viability.

The cushion connects to the same air supply unit, and yet is self-sealing so that it can be disconnected to allow greater patient independence.

A cost-effective alternative to having two separate systems for bed and chair.