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Teeth Whitening System - Smartbleach®

Supplier: High Tech Laser

The world’s most advanced teeth whitening system


True photochemical non-acidic bleaching

Avoid the risks associated with photothermal bleaching

The only system that can remove tetracyline staining

Smartbleach® – unrivalled and immediate bleaching results!

Smartbleach® – from Australia’s only specialist dental laser company.

1. Overview of Smartbleach®

  • For the first time you can treat all kinds of stains including tetracycline and non-vital teeth.
  • Photochemical, not photothermal!
  • Unique alkaline gel – no enamel etching
  • No home bleaching trays
  • Takes approximately one hour
  • Australian research shows Smartbleach® to be the safest in-office bleaching system available.
  • Practice building with Smartbleach® – attract new patients, increase patient satisfaction, increase your profit
  • Comprehensive marketing programme – 1800 phone number, website, brochures, ad templates
  • Full support from High Tech Laser – Australia’s dental laser experts
  • Offer the best bleaching available – only with Smartbleach®

2. The Results Speak for Themselves

3. How Smartbleach® Works

The Smartlite laser breaks down stained molecules within teeth.

When combined with an alkaline gel, this photobleaching effect produces a photochemical reaction which whitens teeth without causing thermal irritation to the pulp or etching the tooth surface.

The unique photochemical reaction of the Smartbleach® system achieves safe and consistent bleaching results in almost all kinds of stained teeth.

4. Why is Smartbleach® different from other bleaching systems?

The phenomenon of photobleaching has been established through extensive research since the 1980s.

Smartbleach® is the only system which incorporates this photobleaching effect to achieve true photochemical laser teeth whitening.

5. Why does Smartbleach® use an alkaline gel?

Alkaline bleaching gel creates a greater bleaching effect in dentine and does not etch the tooth surface.

The result is natural-looking white teeth and reduced post-operative sensitivity.

6. Why does Smartbleach® not require home bleaching trays?

The combination of the green laser light and the patented Smartbleach® alkaline gel can achieve a consistent bleaching effect that does not require home bleaching trays to ensure both patient and dentist are happy with the result.