The Timeless Chair | HÅG H04

Supplier: DAL BRANDS

The HÅG H04 is a comfortable and timelessly designed chair and was created to suit all office environments.

The HÅG H04 fits easily into any work environment and because the adjustment of the chair is extremely precise it is easy to adjust the chair to your requirements from the back support to the footbase. The H04 also comes with an optional headrest, armrests and base which makes it easy to create a chair that suits your needs.

The H04 has a unique rocking mechanism which gives movement and variation to the user which makes it ideal not only for the office or waiting room but also for meetings. The H04 has the ability to tilt backwards (+3°) and the seat and back now have extra cushioning which means that it is more comfortable than ever.

The HAG H04 is yet another brilliant design by Peter Opsvik which is both practical, functional and incorporates all aspects of the HÅG 4 leg principal. These four principals are visual Design, Dynamic Ergonomics, The Environment and Quality. Something HÅG tries to incorporate into all of their chairs.

The HÅG H04 also comes with a 10 year guarantee* and has been 24/7 tested, perfect for anyone who is required to be at a desk or in a control room for long periods of time.

*24/7 5 year guarantee

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