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300mm x 380mm Sterilisation Pouches | Surgery Selections

Supplier: MADPAC Australia

Surgery Selections 300mm x 380mm Sterilisation Pouches offer excellent peelability and tri-lines sealing to reduce fibre lift, and minimise risk of sealing-integrity-pouches with Chevron sealing.

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Packaging cleaned instruments prior to placing them in the steriliser is a standard of care that protects instruments and maintains their sterility until they are ready for use on a patient. Unprotected instruments may be re-contaminated with dust and spatter or by coming into contact with any number of non-sterile surfaces during transport, storage and tray set-up.

Sterilisation pouches pouch must be constructed out of two separate materials. One side the pouch should be made of a water-resistant polymer laminate. This is a transparent material that allows full vision of the equipment within. The other side should be made out of a non-recycled craft paper. Craft paper provides the perfect amount of permeability, being porous to the necessary sterilisation vapours while keeping all other particles (such as microorganisms out).

Features and Benefits of Surgery Selections 300mm x 380mm Sterilisation Pouches:

  • Single box of 200 pouches
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Good air porosity to keep efficient sterilisation conditions
  • Free-polluted printing in the sealing with water-based ink, free of pollution on packed items
  • Conspicuous indicators printed and discoloured to confirm the sterilisation procedure

Triple Pack of Sterilisation Pouches