$394 mln for groundbreaking Aust medical research

27 October, 2009

The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr today announced total funding of over $394 million for 1145 outstanding research projects that will benefit all Australians.

“The Rudd Government is committed to supporting excellent research that will cement a robust national innovation system,” Senator Carr said.

“Through the Australian Research Council’s National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP), the Australian Government supports the most talented Australian and international researchers to undertake innovative and high-quality research.

“I am pleased to announce the Government’s support for a total of 1145 research projects through the latest round of the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development, Discovery Projects and Linkage Projects schemes.

“The research that is being supported will lead to the discovery of new ideas and the advancement of knowledge that will help Australia tackle current and future economic, health and environmental challenges.

“The possibilities that stem from the research projects I have announced today are endless.

“I congratulate the successful researchers and institutions that have been selected for funding and wish you well in your research efforts.”

Applications for NCGP funding are subject to a rigorous, independent peer review process that considers a number of factors. Factors include: the researcher’s track record and capacity to undertake the work; the significance and innovation of the proposed research; the approach to be taken; training opportunities to be made available; and the national benefit.