4 Innovations Helping to Provide Better Health Care

The healthcare industry has a massive daily responsibility to manage the lives of entire communities and see them through all manner of health-related crises.

No wonder innovators are constantly striving for new technology that can ease the burden and make healthcare more efficient. Here are a few innovations making a difference in medical facilities right now.

Progress for cardiac patients

Mayo Clinic branches in the USA have found a novel way to improve care for cardiac surgery patients. They provide each cardiac patient with an iPad linked to their ongoing file so they can track their own daily progress. This ingenious system also allows doctors and nurses to send patients daily to-do lists to aid their progress before and after surgery.

Medical records on the go

Still in the USA, Virginia hospitals are using an app called MyChart. Or rather their patients are. The MyChart app allows patients to view all their own medical records on a mobile phone and email their medical providers directly with any questions.

Televised treatment

American medical technology company GetWellNetwork has created a clever program designed to ease and improve hospital care and give patients real time updates on their condition and care regime. The program is connected to in-room televisions and instant messages patients between shows with up-to-the-minute information about their progress and care plan. Patients can instant message back and once discharged, they can access all their care data from a tablet or mobile phone. 

Incentive for Innovation

Back in Australia, Victoria is taking an innovative approach to their local healthcare industry. While not a technological innovation as such, Better Care Victoria has established an Innovation Fund to encourage and facilitate appropriate innovations and assist their application.