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4-Station-Unit | FZ2 VARIOmatic®

Supplier: Argibond Dental Laboratory Supplies

Argibond Dental Laboratory Supplies two vacuum turbines (three-phase AC) for low noise and low maintenance.

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  • Permanent filter with automatic filter cleaning system - No filter bags
  • Pneumatic filter reverse flow for high-performance suction of major dust loads
  • Can be expanded via external position openers to accommodate up to six vacuum positions
  • More room at the workspace
  • Exhaust installation for a better indoor climate

Correct planning of vacuum installation

FZ2 VARIOmatic® will integrate with any furniture line. Matching front panels are mounted on request. Zubler will be happy to advise you and support your planning. Our experience will help you to find the correct vacuum solution for your laboratory. Installation and maintenance will be greatly facilitated if the connections of the vacuum system are well accessible.

Exhaust air should take the shortest path to the outside. Taking advantage of these options will greatly improve your lab environment and reduce noise even further.

Expansion modules

FZ2 VARIOmatic® can even be installed to cover 5 or 6 vacuum positions if AP500-D, AP501 or FP1000-D modules are additionally used. AP500-D and AP501 will connect to universal controllers, offering electronics with sensitivity
adjustment. FP1000-D will connect to laboratory devices with up to 1000 W of power consumption.

The exhaust air from the FZ2 VARIOmatic® must be conveyed to the outside of the building. The entire stream of exhaust air is blasted outside through a piping connection 75 mm in diameter, which can be linked up with commercially available HT pipes.

The optimal solution is the standard variation shown by the connections of the FZ2 VARIOmatic® to 4 hand nozzle working positions close to each other. All working positions can be easily and quickly connected with a Ø=40mm hose. The vacuum system is easily reached from the back side for maintenance through the free area at the base and the free area under the flower pot.

The FZ2 VARIOmatic® is especially suitable for use where a very high amount of dust is produced, e.g. in an instrument room. Another unit (i.e. a fifth vacuum position) can be connected externally through an electronic switchbox with an additional valve. Pipes rather than individual flexible tubes should be installed if longish distances need to be covered.

Installations of this type are slightly more complex. At the same time, they result in a more compact system that is cleaner and offers better flow efficiency. In this example, the only direct connection via a flexible tube was established for the nearby sandblaster.

The FZ2 VARIOmatic® can, in some cases, e.g. in Practices and small laboratories, cover the entire requirement for vacuum positions. If some working positions are alternatively used, the connection of up to 6 vacuum positions is possible. All of the dirt from the laboratory would be collected in one container.

Blowing the exhaust to the outside gives an optimal solution concerning noise, air quality, room climate and economy.

This example shows another situation in which a shared pipeline for all vacuum positions would be appropriate.

Air performance and power consumption: filter technology rules

How well a vacuum system performs will depend on the size and quality of the filter material and on the efficiency of the cleaning function of the filter.

Much of the filter technology used in competing products leaves something to be desired. FZ2 VARIOmatic®, by contrast, has been supplied with a filter cartridge encompassing a very large filter area (2.3 m2). This feature will ensure a high degree of air permeability.

Dusts are retained in the fine mesh structure of the filter material. The system features a pneumatic reverse flow, which will ensure that this mesh is continuously blasted clean.

Addressing problems at their roots

  • No need to replace brushes
  • No carbon dust in the exhaust air
  • Operation with less noise and vibration

Implementing motors of this type is a complex task, but the returns become noticeable very quickly in vacuum systems used as a centre for several positions.

Effective filter equipment does have a footprint Suction units should preferably be powerful, quiet and small.
However, these are conflicting qualities. The filter surface needed for high air performance will occupy
considerable space. High-performance blowers are either bulky, or they operate at high speed. In other words, smaller blowers are noisier. Good acoustic isolation can only work if certain surface and volume requirements are met.

We have delivered what is technologically feasible. Given your understanding that vacuum equipment does take space, you will find an appropriate solution that is powerful and will keep you comfortable in the long run. We put our money where our mouth is!