8 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice a Smooth Operation

By: Yolanda Smith - MedicalSearch Writer
25 May, 2015

Your dental practice has the potential to be the best place for your patients to find optimal care of their teeth, with professional advice and services in an easily accessible manner.

Here are 8 simple ways to make your dental practice run more smoothly:

Flaunt your unique strengths

Not every dental practice is the same and the sooner you recognise this, the sooner you can flaunt your unique strengths to potential patients.

Do you offer specialised services? Perhaps you use cutting-edge technology that improves the patient experience? Or is your practice the most accessible, offering consultations out of business hours?

Recognise your strengths and make sure people know about them.

Benefit from electronic communication

In this modern age, everything is available online or via a smartphone app. People looking for a dental practice are likely to look online for information, reviews and recommendations. If you don’t make an effort to market your services online, you’re missing an opportunity. Any digital platform designed to help regular customers and remind them about upcoming consultations could also help increase loyalty.

Hire professional staff

From the secretary who answers the initial call of a potential patient to the senior dentists that conduct specialised procedures, every member on your team is important. Each member should be well equipped to perform their tasks to the highest quality with up-to-date training to improve professional standards and overall operation of your practice.

Engage patients with interview process

When a new patient enters your practice, make a good first impression by engaging them with an personalised interview.  Ask them what dental service they want and how they would like to benefit from your practice. What specific details about their teeth concern them and how can you help? Take their comments on board and offer a custom dental experience.

Invest in cutting-edge equipment

Quality technology goes a long way in the smooth running of a dental practice. It is a simple step that increases patient satisfaction, while also adding to the ease of the dental practitioner. Upfront costs may pose an issue, but investing in new technology can often can cut overall running costs long-term and increase the viability of your business.

Optimise cash flow and billing

Cash flow isn’t limited to the bill you send your patients; there are various factors that you can manipulate to your advantage. Effective marketing to attract new patients and opting for more efficient equipment, software and technology is a great first step. This might include sourcing more cost-effective supplies and implementing improved inventory control practices.

Provide financial options

Every patient has specific financial needs that you can address as a dental practice to advocate for smooth operation. Providing flexible options to help meet the needs of each individual can be greatly appreciated by patients. This includes insurance coverage, various payment options and appropriate payment plans for difficult financial circumstances.

Prepare for future innovations

The best dental practice does not stay stagnant when techniques are evolving and continually improving, so it is important to prepare and adapt for the future. Keep your staff training current and merge new ideas and techniques into your practice. Adopting viable solutions of the future in your practice is a great way to keep the dental profession moving forward and to provide top-notch care to your patients.