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A Clinical Comparison Of Portable Oxygen Systems

Supplier: Independent Living Specialists
18 March, 2008

A Clinical Comparison Of Portable Oxygen Systems: Continuous Flow Compressed Gas Vs. Oxygen Concentrator Gas Delivered With An Oxygen Conserving Device

Declining home oxygen reimbursement along with growing demand for small ambulatory oxygen (02) systems has encouraged the development of new ambulatory 02 technologies. Recently, 02 concentrators capable of filling small compressed gas cylinders have entered the market.

Although it is well established in literature that 02 produced from concentrators at >88% delivered in continuous flow is clinically equivalent to 99.6% USP gas (traditional compressed oxygen), there are no data evaluating concentrator gas delivered via an oxygen-conserving device (OCD).

To test the hypotheses of equivalent benefit, we compared patient responses and tolerance of continuous flow (CF) USP 02 versus compressed concentrator gas delivered via OCD in current home oxygen users.