A smarter way to move around in hospitals

Supplier: Lockelec Innovation By: Arthur Chan
23 January, 2012

As one of the largest moveable equipment in a hospital, hospital beds are both a blessing and a burden on hospital staff, but one company has removed the burden thanks to ingenious design.

Of course a hospital bed is a necessary and integral part of any clinical facility - patients need to feel comfortable and they require a place to rest - but hospital beds are also difficult to manoeuvre. They can also cause significant logistic challenges in restricted areas.

Stuart Lord of Lockwood Electric Mobility said that in recent years, hospital bed-movers have made the lives of many hospital staff easier by facilitating the bed-moving process.

"The advantage of a hospital bed mover is that staff are able to move patients safely and easily around hallways, in and out of elevators and up and down ramps," Lord told MedicalSearch.

Hospital beds are in fact an occupational health and safety risk since staff may physically strain themselves when moving them. Lord said that back injuries are common and when a staff is injured, the premium and insurance hospitals have to pay can be up to ten thousand dollars - a hefty sum for any employer.

Lord added that his company recently introduced a "revolutionary design" for a hospital bed-mover, which has been in design for over five years. He says that the end result, the Evo Mover, is an easy, simple and reliable product for hospital staff to use when manoeuvring beds.

"I think our hospital bed-mover is a proactive solution to a common problem," Lord said.

"It's also a very public way of creating a safer workplace that reduces the risks associated with moving beds."

Currently, many hospitals use clamps to assist equipment moving, but because hospitals are 24/7 facilities and have patients day-in, day-out, they can be noisy and perturb patients. Lord said the Evo Mover considers this and is a much more quiet option that will bring peace to patients' minds.

Of course, it's not only moving hospital beds that have caused Lockwood Electric Mobility to create this unique product. Due to the restricted and narrow hallways within hospitals, staff also have trouble handling other large equipment like stretchers, trolley beds, food tray trolley and even tub chairs.

Lord said that when designing the Evo Mover, these considerations were integrated in the design. As a result, it is also able to move other hospital equipment, not just beds.

"It [the Evo Mover] is very easy to work. There's a button that you press and then there will be arms that come from below the hospital bed and grab the bed structure. You can then easily move the bed or other equipment," he said.

"I would say it adapts itself to the equipment and it's just a smarter way to move hospital beds."