About Us

Supplier: Colleens Post Mastectomy Connection
21 September, 2012

Colleen’s is an independent company, founded by Colleen and Gunter Brandstetter after Colleen’s personal experience with breast cancer.

Colleen has been nominated for ACT International Woman of the Year for her work with women with breast cancer for the last two years.

Colleen has previously worked as a nurse and completed a counselling course at ANU. We knew from my experience how important it is to be correctly fitted after breast surgery. Because of this Gunter and I travelled to Europe where we both received extensive training especially designed to cater for post breast surgery patients. We were instructed in product knowledge of breast prostheses, mastectomy bras and swimwear as well as the fitting of such products.

In Germany we visited factories where prosthetics are made which we believe are the most advanced breast forms in the world.

We offer you a comprehensive selection of breast forms as well as an extensive range of bras, swimwear and other post mastectomy products including wigs, hats, turbans and scarves for ladies undergoing chemotherapy. Added to this range we also stock support bras for those women who may have shoulder or back problems and bras for the fuller
figured lady.
Each fitting is individual and requires a specialist to advise on the products required to achieve the most comfortable fit. For this reason we do not offer an internet or catalogue service.

The staff at Colleen’s are trained fitters and especially chosen for their compassion and desire to help women dealing with breast cancer or other health issues.

Colleen’s is well known throughout Australia and has been welcomed by breast care nurses, surgeons, physiotherapists and health care professionals.