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Adjustable Recliner Chairs

Supplier: Advanced Healthcare

Tilt-n-Lift Recliners & Sleeping Bed Chairs, addressing the many issues that people have getting out of their chair due to injury, degeneration of knee joints, knee replacements (reducing their bending ability) or back problems.

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Tilt-n-Lift chairs are specially designed at the touch of a button to 'Tilt and Lift' you gently from a sitting position to an upright position, helping you out of your chair with ease and minimum effort.

Tilt-n-Lift Recliner two way action. The Tilt-n-Lift reclining chair allows you to recline to a semi sleeping position. It is a one motor chair and is suitable for persons up to 120 kg, 200 kg & 270 kg.

Royal Sleeping Bed Chair has two motors allowing independent movement in both the legs and the back. The Royal reclines all the way down to a sleeping position and allows the legs to be elevated higher than the heart which is recommended for certain medical conditions.

One of the added benefits of the two motor chair is that the dual motors make it possible to independently alter the position of the back and feet allowing maximum comfort at the touch of one of the two function buttons. The Royal also allows you to have leg elevation in an upright position.

At Advanced Beds we recognise your need for independence and comfort. Now there's no need to be stuck in hospital or to struggle out of your own bed. Hospitals can be depressing places and most people want to convalesce at home.

FLOATING SEAT - Only type in the world!! All Advanced Tilt-n-Lift Chairs have a built in floating seat which utilises a counter weight effect with gravity as the centre force. This allows you to slide forward and back in addition to raising and lowering your back and feet. The floating seat gives you even more flexibility and manoeuverability increasing your comfort, mobility and level of independence immediately.

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