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ADL Health Occupational Therapy Services

Supplier: ADL Health

Contents: What is an Occupational Therapist? What Occupational Therapy Services are Provided at ADL Health? ADL Health Referrals Cost of Occupational Therapy Services

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ADL Health Occupational Therapy Services

What is an Occupational Therapist?
Occupational therapists (OT's) aim to help people do the day-to-day activities which they find meaningful and necessary.

OT's aim to help individuals gain or regain skills which are essential for that person's happy, safe and meaningful existence. OT's are skilled in functional assessment and rehabilitation, promoting independence in tasks at home, work, school and leisure. OT's work with people to help them achieve goals and outcomes that are important to them and their lifestyle. (OT Australia).

What Occupational Therapy Services are provided at ADL Health?
Occupational Therapy services provided at ADL Health include:

Specialised Seating and Mobility Assessments

  • The ADL Health Occupational Therapist can perform specialised wheelchair prescription and modification.
  • ADL has the latest technology pressure mapping machine enabling you to visualise the effects of each individual pressure reduction cushion.
  • Our Seating Clinic also addresses issues of physical comfort and health.
  • If required, please download a copy of our:
    • Specialised Seating and Mobility Clinic Brochure
    • Seating Clinic Pre-Assesment Form
    • In-Clinic Assesment Form

Home Assessment and Modification (including Department of Veterans' Affairs clients)
A home assessment involves exploring with the client any difficulties they are having completing day-to-day activities inside and outside their home. Activities such as eating, showering, walking, using the toilet, dressing, shopping, cooking, and cleaning are discussed. If the person is having any problems and wants assistance, the OT can discuss with them equipment that may help them, how the home can be modified, or different ways of doing the activity. The aim of a home visit is to improve the person's ability to do the day-to-day activities they wish to do.

Work Rehabilitation
ADL Health's OT works with people and businesses to address work place safety and to help the worker return to work following illness or injury.

ADL Health provides the following services in the area of Work Rehabilitation/Occupational Health:

  • Rehabilitation following illness or injury
  • General Case Management
  • Worksite Assessments
  • Workstation Assessments and Modification
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Injury Management and Education
  • Functional Capacity Assessments
  • Workplace Safety Recommendations
  • Workplace Safety Education
  • Manual Handling Training

Compression Stocking Clinic
ADL Health now has a Compression Garment Clinic. Compression stockings are worn when there are problems with the blood returning to the heart from the legs. People who may benefit from wearing stockings include those with tired, aching and swollen legs, varicose veins, during pregnancy, for the prevention on thromboses and those with leg ulcers. A doctor's referral is needed before making an appointment at the Compression Garment Clinic, except if the person only needs light compression (travel socks, reduce slight swelling, etc.).

General OT Services

  • Please download a copy of our General OT Services brochure here
  • OT services at ADL Health are continually updating, so please contact our friendly office staff during business hours if you have any questions or queries regarding any information about our OT services.

ADL Health Referrals

  • Referrals to ADL Health's Occupational Therapist can be made in person, by a carer or family member, by another health professional or medical organisation, or by a doctor.
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs clients, WorkCover and other insurance company clients must have a referral from their doctor. People being referred to the Compression Stocking Clinic also need a doctor's referral in most cases.
  • For access to our Specialised Seating and Mobility Clinic please download the Specialised Seating and Mobility Clinic Referral form here. This form is very detailed and is to be completed by the most appropriate health professional.
  • You can Download ADL Health's General Occupational Therapy Referral Form here, and Compression Stocking Clinic referral form here. You will need Adobe reader to download this form.

Cost of Occupational Therapy Services

  • ADL Health works in conjunction with funding bodies such as WorkCover Qld, QComp, Self Insured Workplaces, Comcare, Department of Veteran's Affairs and Third Party Insurers.
  • Private Clients can also access ADL Health's Occupational Therapy Services.
  • Occupational Therapy Services at ADL Health can be Medicare refunded, and private health insurance rebates may also be available through our new HICAPS machine.
  • Prices can be obtained from contacting our friendly staff during office hours on Ph(07) 4772 0066 or Fax(07) 4724 0370.