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Air Purification System

Supplier: Ampac Dental

The Virus Killer Air purification system is a standalone high powered air purification system specifically designed to clean and immensely improve room air quality.

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Dentists, auxillary staff and their patients are exposed to a range of potentially harmful airborne contaminants on a daily basis. Over time these may aggravate existing conditions, cause headaches, serious infections and other illnesses. Some of these contaminants may be caused by:

Microorganisms The constant use of high speed handpieces and scalers release fine droplets which can become airborne for a long period of time.  These aerosols are contaminated with bacteria and viruses that are less than 10 microns in diameter (the average human hair is 150 microns). These are very easily inhaled by staff and patients and may lead to potential illness.

Disinfectants Chemical disinfectants are used throughout the surgery on a daily basis for cleaning. These can generate unpleasant odours and irritation for staff and patients.

Smoke and Dust

Mercury - Vapours produced by liquid mercury.


The Virus Killer is a standalone high powered air purification system specifically designed to clean and immensly improve air quality.  Its modern design ensures perfect integration into all dental and medical offices, hospitals, intensive care untis, schools and other public places.

How it works

The sterilisatio performance of the Virus Killeris based on sterilising the most difficult of the various bacilli ie Mold and Microsporum cains.

Virus Killer draws the ambient air and processes it through a multi-stage filtering system including a Pre-filter, Carbon Filter and Hepa Filter.  The HEPA filter ensures that microns as small as .03 in size are retained.

The process of sterilisation then continues by sterlising the viruses with the sufficent amount of ultraviolet sterilisation rays and radiation time. This process deactivates the DNA and RNA of the bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. It destroys their abilityto multiply or carry diseases. The clean, crisp air is then released back into the room.

The result is:

  • Inactivation of 99.99% of viruses by destroying the nucleic acid of a virus with UV Ryas and Thydroxyl Radicas (-OH)
  • Sterilisation of 99.99% of respiratory viruses and fungi.
  • Removal of 9.9% of fine dust causes pulmonary diseases, foul order and toxic gases.

Advantages of the Virus Killer

  • Easy to use, Simply plug in
  • Extremely crisp, clean air
  • Quite operation
  • Lightweight and easy to move between offices
  • Environmentally friendly. No Ozone released
  • Low maintenance
  • Remote control included for convenience
  • Sturdy construction ensures no air escapes
  • Modern slimline design to complement your decor.