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Alere is a global leader in diagnostic testing and health management that believes better health starts with better information. Alere’s company vision is to bring together advanced diagnostic tools and integrated health management solutions to deliver timely, accurate information that will drive better health outcomes.

Alere gives medical professionals and consumers the tools they need to make more informed healthcare choices by connecting you to the information needed to make accurate and timely health decisions. By combining the results of our diagnostics with the analysis and insight of our health management services we help you get to the right diagnosis faster, select the best course of treatment and allow care to continue no matter where you are.

With an extensive range of easy-to-use rapid diagnostics and health screening services we support healthcare providers by allowing diagnostic testing to be performed close to the patient - in the clinic, community or hospital. Learn more at

Alere provides a broad range of diagnostic tools for areas including:

• Cardiology,
• Sexual Health,
• Drugs of Abuse,
• Health Management,
• Women’s Health,
• Oncology and
• Infectious Disease.

Our brands include:

• Acceava®
• BinaxNOW®
• Cholestech LDX®
• Clearview®
• Determine®
• DoubleCheckGold™
• Epocal epoc®
• iCup®
• ImmunoComb®
• INRatio®
• Inverness Medical TestPack®
• MNP22® BladderChek®
• Osteomark®
• Panbio®
• SureStep™
• Triage®
• Wampole®

For more information on these ranges of products, please enquire.

Australia contact: +61 3363 7100

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