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AMS offers quality manual handling equipment for aged care

Supplier: Active Medical Supplies
23 January, 2012

Elderly and disabled people, whether they live at home, in a nursing home or in a hospital, all have different, and often compound, needs which are not solved by one manual handling product alone.

Did you know?

Through a unique combination of education, training and a complete range of transfer aids, our product range offers improvement of both work environment and quality of care and, at the same time, achieves significant cost savings.

"Move Quick for Quick Move"

When Hakan Skenhede (Romedic Trainer) presented the QuickMove at our recent manual handling seminar it was clearly evident this is the solution to many complex standing transfer scenarios.

The QuickMove supports and activates the user when rising up to a standing position and during transfers, either standing or sitting, from bed to chair, from chair to chair or to and from the toilet.

Quick Move has been developed for users with impaired balance and strength in their legs but the user must have some strength in the arms and must be able to weight bear to actively participate in the transfer.

The QuickMove is currently on sale at a reduced price for November and December only.  Active Medical Supplies, as always is willing to bring equipment to your facility for demonstration and trial.

MiniLift200 offers a totally unique and very comfortable sitto- stand experience.

The combination of a different style sling and a totaly different lifting action. "I cannot fall through the sling and it doesnt ride up under my arms" one of the excited manual handing facilitators remarked. MiniLift200 is a mobile sitto- stand lift which has been developed to, as gently as possible, assist the user when rising from a sitting to a standing position.

When MiniLift200 is combined with the appropriate lifting accessories, the user gets support under the feet, for the front of the lower legs and behind the back,which provides for a safe and secure sit-to-stand procedure.

To be able to understand how comfortable MiniLift200 is compared with other sit-to-stand devices on the market, "It must be tried"!

The construction safely moves the user forwards and upwards in a natural movement pattern and, at the same time, the leg muscles and balance is exercised.

Remember to quote promotion code (1111NHH), when ordering to receive special pricing.

Source: Active Medical Supplies