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An alternative solution

Supplier: CareWell Health
05 March, 2008

While it’s always nice to own your own things, sometimes this just isn’t possible. Many aged care facilities are now renting items they can’t afford, in addition to owning their own.

Every residential facility knows it can be a struggle to find the money for equipment, staff and other necessities. This is particularly true when it comes to providing quality equipment to ensure both staff and residents’ needs are catered to. There is an alternative solution to this challenge - renting and leasing the equipment.

Imagine being able to buy nearly ten times as many electrical beds, wheelchairs or televisions as you can now. Renting can be a solution to many of the cost problems faced by aged care facilities. Care facilities can rent in conjunction to buying outright, which will allow them to have a base of furniture they own in addition to stretching their budget further, managing their cash flow and more flexibly managing their equipment needs. Further, renting enables facilities to update when required as well as expand when the load increases and contract when it decreases.

CareWell Health has equipment available to both buy and lease. For renting and leasing purposes, CareWell offers electric nursing home beds, including options such as central locking, siderails, IV poles and self help poles, Pressure care mattresses, Bedside cabinets, Overbed tables, Wardrobes, Flat screen televisions