Another ‘nuisance factor’ just removed from emergency x-rays…

Supplier: Modsel
02 October, 2019

There is one position on a trauma stretcher’s imaging top that was seemingly impossible to avoid – supports and levers protruding through the x-ray tunnel right in line with the patients hips.

We just solved that.

Being trusted to supply and support emergency x-ray departments over many years has underlined to us the daily challenges faced by the many professional radiologists.

Our new patented, fully electric backrest system raises and lowers without any hip obstructions, allowing 100% free movement of the cassette, which up to now was just a dream.

Busting through the design challenges, our new Infinex brings additional freedom to the dedicated imaging staff;

  • Totally clear head-to-toe tracking clearance for a cassette – just move where you want to be quickly and painlessly, regardless of patient elevation.
  • No ‘stand-off’ plates or moving parts at the patient’s hip – no limitations in cassette positioning at one of the most frequent imaging situations.
  • Ability to independently raise the backrest from the cassette support surface for unrestricted patient positioning.
  • Fully customisable cassette holders to suit every brand of x-ray system in use today.
  • A safety mechanism to eliminate the inherent risks found on many stretchers - accidental damage to expensive cassettes from moving parts.
  • An array of choices for stretcher heights, widths and safety side-rails.

Interested? Don’t just hear about it - talk to one of our specialists who will work with you to arrive at new ways of performing your critical tasks faster and with less hassle.

A demanding job role deserves no less.