Are you making the right choices in chairs?

Supplier: Select Patient Care
01 September, 2020

Comfort can help to take away the human anxiety that underlays the stresses sometimes encountered in critical nursing roles.

The right choice and quality of support seating can make a real difference to both patient and visitor comfort. Long periods of patient care or waiting are eased and the recovery process is made a little bit easier.

This is why we offer a selection of day, treatment and care chairs to suit your specific requirements and ensure suitable options are always available. Whether it is basic waiting room chairs, treatment chairs, procedure chairs, or comfortable recovery chairs, we have got it covered.

There are many things to consider when we hand-pick products to complement our range;

  • How ergonomic is the seating and what is its fundamental purpose?
  • What is the construction - steel, aluminium, welded or bolted?
  • Is the quality, shape and density of the foam core suitable?
  • Heavy duty, hard wearing covers required or soft pressure relieving materials?
  • Colours to work in with today's facilities?

We are in this together and will work with you to arrive at the right seating choice for your unique facility requirements.