Are your dental/orthodontic cutters just not cutting it anymore?

Supplier: Precision Handpiece Repair
14 March, 2013

Our professional service for dentists, orthodontists and all other dental specialists includes adjusting, polishing and precision sharpening.

  • Ligature cutter sharpening
  • Distal end cutter sharpening
  • Hard wire cutter sharpening
  • Band splitter sharpening
  • Extraction forceps sharpening
  • Bone rongeurs sharpening
  • Scissors sharpening
  • Bone chisel sharpening
  • Elevators / Periosteals sharpening
  • Gingivectomy knive sharpening
  • Tissue nippers sharpening
  • Ochsenbein chisel sharpening
  • Scaler sharpening,
  • Surgical curette sharpening,
  • Explorer sharpening
  • Marginal trimmer sharpening
  • Wedelstaedt chisel sharpening
  • Carver sharpening
  • Enamel hatchets sharpening
  • Excavators sharpening

Just send in all your various cutters, scissors, scalers, etc… for FREE with NO POSTAGE STAMP required to our reply paid mailing address and we’ll have them back to you – adjusted, polished, sharpened like NEW in no time!

Ligature cutters, Distal end cutters, Hard wire cutters, Band splitters, Extraction forceps, Bone rongeurs, Scissors, Bone chisel, Elevators / Periosteals, Gingivectomy knives, Tissue nippers, Ochsenbein chisel, Scalers, Surgical curettes, Explorers,  Marginal trimmers, Wedelstaedt chisel, Carvers, Enamel hatchets, Excavators, Elevators periosteals, Periodontal Curettes