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Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited is the new name of the company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) following the merger between Sigma Company Limited and Arrow Pharmaceuticals Limited on 19 December 2005. The ASX code is "SIP".

Following the merger, Sigma is now inside the top 75 companies listed on the ASX. The business has expanded to provide a comprehensive service and product offering to our customers.

Sigma Company Limited was founded by two Melbourne pharmacists in 1912 and aims to be the leading Australian pharmaceutical manufacturer and marketer, and the most efficient pharmaceutical wholesale distributor and retail banner group in Australia.

Our success is supported by our ownership of the two largest and most recognised pharmacy retail brands in Australia, Amcal and Guardian and the new Amcal Max brand, as well as the special relationship we have with our banner member and independent pharmacist customers and medical practitioners. Our ability to grow is enhanced by the group's portfolio of strong brands that are sold across a broader distribution network covering both the pharmacy and grocery channels.

Arrow Pharmaceuticals was incorporated in July 1999 and was listed on the ASX on 29 October 2002. Arrow has achieved rapid growth in a short period of time to achieve approximately 36% share of the generic pharmaceutical market.

The company has 5 OTC Product Ranges, namely

¡P Herron
¡P Chemists' Own
¡P Amcal
¡P Guardian
¡P General OTC

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Arrow Pharmaceuticals Limited has established a sales force of 73 people that market products to pharmacists and GPs and now sells 70 Private products for 21 pharmaceutical companies to over 4,403 pharmacies across Australia. These products make up approximately 45% of the company¡¦s total revenue.

Other benefits and outcomes of the Private Prescription Program include:

* Create marketing alliances with a Private Health Insurer, to help market the awareness of Arrow Private Prescription Prices and availability to consumers.
* Participating pharmacies have reported that there has been an increase patient flow back to participating pharmacies.
* Reverse the growth trend of mail-order pharmacies within the private prescription market.
* Through discussions with many manufacturers, encourage the launch of new Private Prescription medications into the Australian market. In some cases, these products were actually registered and approved for marketing, however, the manufacturers had decided not to launch into the market ¡V based on high prices, uncertainty of availability and the fact that the non-PBS market had been unsuccessful in the past.
* Involved in the launch of 16 new products into the market over the last 24 months.
* The ability to accurately track both the Company¡¦s and Pharmacy¡¦s sales performance and history, as a result of direct distribution into pharmacy.
* Attained market shares in excess of 60% on the Company¡¦s Private Range, depending on the specific product.
* Increase the average number of private prescriptions written by GPs to their patients from 5 to 15 per 1000 patients seen.

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